Mooz Brothers is located in Sandringham, in the heart of Jewish Jo'burg, along the "Kosher-strip".

The shop comprises of a Deli / Bakery component, where customers can pick and choose off the Mooz shelves and fridges from a wide variety of products.  The sit down restaurant, offers a breakfast and lunch menu with dishes that are not only generous in size, but healthy and wholesome too.  Each dish is plated beautifully and created by experienced chefs with great flair and attention to the latest cooking trends.


On entering a Mooz shop you will be struck by a salad bar, where customers can either select pre-made salads, salads off the menu, or create salads of their choice.  The fridges are filled with fresh dairy products – milk, cream, butter, yoghurts and cheeses (cheddar, haloumi, gouda, mozzarella, chunky cottage and smooth cheese).  In addition, you will find home-made salad dressings, pesto sauce, relish and pickled cucumbers / onions.  A wide variety of juices, dinking yogurts and drinking milks can also be found in the fridges.

In terms of meal planning, the Mooz deli has lots to offer.  A must have for kids, at all times, are our winning pizza’s (great frozen too) and homemade Napolitano pasta sauce.  The vegetable bake, potato kugel, and lasagnes – tuna, vegetarian and mushroom - are very popular side or main dishes.

As far as desserts go, the Mooz chocolate mousse is definitely worth the calories, along with the malva pudding and chocolate brownies.  Mooz also has an assortment of ice creams – chocolate chip, halva, mint crisp, sticky dough and honeycomb.

Sit Down
There is a wonderful, relaxed and friendly atmosphere just sitting and “shmoozing at Mooz” – and the food is great too!

The Mooz menu offers a wonderful combination of flavours and food types that meet the needs of our varying customers.  Our beautifully styled dishes are sourced from the latest trends in cooking and healthy eating.  All ingredients are made fresh and offer customers a wholesome and generously sized meal.

Mooz offers a separate and carefully selected children’s menu with only the yummiest of eats and treats.  These include pizzas, pastas, macaroni and cheese, salmon bagels, toasted cheese and chips, kiddies salads, milkshakes, and of course the good ‘old fashioned’ soft serve. It is important to us that kids feel the excitement of eating out at a restaurant, yet at the same time are still able to find their favourites as if it was straight from ‘mom’s kitchen’.


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Any of the Mooz offerings, either from the bakery, deli, catering or restaurant product lists, can be beautifully packaged and delivered as a gift pack.
Platters are amongst the most popular catering item Mooz offers.  Originated and unique to Mooz, is the mini-wrap platter.