It’s not a party if Mooz ain’t there!

We at Mooz love to host, cater and prepare for parties.  Making birthday cakes, icing cupcakes, glazing mini-donuts, preparing platters - that’s our game!

Whatever cake you dream of we can most definitely attempt to create it!  Whether its ice cream or baked, Mooz is able to model a large variety of cakes.

The basic cake – this cake, round or square, has minimal decorations and very simply writes the message required on the cake.

The image cake – any image you want can be e-mailed to Mooz and printed out on special edible paper.  The image will be carefully placed on top of the iced cake and beautifully decorated with the relevant message.

The elaborate fondant cake – cake-making is an art, and we at Mooz pride ourselves on our very talented cake artists who are able to sculpt and craft cakes of all shapes, forms and themes.  By using cake and fondant as modeling tools, the most amazing creations are made.  Brief our chefs and we will add an exciting ‘wow-element’ to your party or function.

Click here to view the Mooz cake library.

Menu ideas
From the many parties we have catered for over time, we have identified some party favourites:

For adults – sushi platter, assorted wrap or mini-bagel platter, large salads (Greek, haloumi, quinoa, sushi, nicoise, salmon or hot smoked salmon), fruit platter or  skewers, carrot cake, cheese cake, red velvet cake, muffins, cheese blintzes, chocolate brownies, lasagnes (tuna, vegetarian, mushroom).

For kids –cupcakes, mini-donuts, gingerbread men, toffee apples, cake pops, marshmallow and rice crispy puffs, pizzas, pastas, hot chips, fruit bites and so much more...

Contact Mooz direct to either place an order for any of the above items, or request a menu be drawn up specifically for your party requirements.



Any of the Mooz offerings, either from the bakery, deli, catering or restaurant product lists, can be beautifully packaged and delivered as a gift pack.
Platters are amongst the most popular catering item Mooz offers.  Originated and unique to Mooz, is the mini-wrap platter.