For those who crave savoury over sweet, Mooz Bakery has lots to offer. 

Our home-made pastry has a perfect light, yet crispy texture for either base or topping.  Try our assorted quiches - mushroom and feta, asparagus, Italian, onion or Butternut and feta.  

Savoury muffins are also available in tomato and basil, olive, rosemary and cheese. 

Mooz's melenzana and lasagnes - tuna and veggie - are world class and the pizzas are 'alla Italia' magnifique. These are made with a home-made base, tasty Napolitano sauce and toppings of your choice. 

Lastly, our bread sticks are wonderful with dips and come with whole pieces of either olives, mushrooms or sundried tomatoes.

See below for just a few of the many savoury items Mooz has to offer, and see the Catering section of this site for more options.


Savoury Meals              
Macaroni and Cheese R250.00   Tuna Lasagne R325.00   Veg Lasagne R300.00
Mushroom/Feta Quiche R300.00   Asparagus Quiche R450.00   Onion Quiche R300.00
Mini Quiche (min of 10) R 13.50   Butternut / Feta Quiche R300.00   Pasta Neopolitana R250.00
Neopolitana Sauce R 75.00   Snoek Pie R350.00   Mini Blini (min of 10) R  13.50
Melenzana R300.00            



Any of the Mooz offerings, either from the bakery, deli, catering or restaurant product lists, can be beautifully packaged and delivered as a gift pack.
Platters are amongst the most popular catering item Mooz offers.  Originated and unique to Mooz, is the mini-wrap platter.